Today, many people prefer to shop online because of its many obvious advantages. Products are easier to find and you can easily and effortlessly order products without going to the store. Reason enough for people to use this service. Online shopping has become very popular due to the growing access to internet via mobile and desktop. According to Statista's latest e-commerce survey, there are currently 18.43 million e-commerce users in South Africa, with an additional 6.36 million users expected to shop online by 2021. More and more online businesses are gaining popularity and have reliable and intuitive websites. Millions of products are sold worldwide through the e-commerce model. Still spending half the weekend at the local mall? We have listed 7 amazing benefits of online shopping that you might not be aware of:

Easy to find

Finding a product on the Internet is much easier than going through your local store to find the right product or size. You can order your shopping online and have it delivered to a convenient collection point (Click and Collect) or to a Collect in Store counter.

Cheaper products

Some products are much cheaper online, as some deals are online exclusive, meaning only online shoppers can access them. There are many convenient ways to browse products online and compare prices before shopping.

Save time and energy

You don't want to waste precious time waiting and searching the aisles during the shopping rush, only to find what you wanted is already sold out. This problem can be easily solved by ordering online and having your goods delivered to your nearest and most convenient collection point.

Freedom of choice

The product options are much wider if you shop online. A particular product will be available online in many more different sizes and colors compared to what you will find in store.

High satisfaction

Online shopping has become very reliable, hence the high satisfaction with online stores. Online shopping is intuitive and reliable.

Rare products

Online shopping can also be very useful for buying rare or niche products. For example, the limited edition sneakers you really wanted or the yoga mat that is only available abroad.

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